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Billy Growing Up series for 7 to 9-year-old girls and boys


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About James Minter

and the Billy Books

I am the author of the Billy books series. Also I'm a dad of two grown children, and a stepfather to three more. I started writing five years ago with books designed to appeal to the inner child in adults - very English humour.


My daughter Louise, reminded me of the bedtime stories I told her, and suggested I write them down for others to enjoy. I haven't yet, but instead I have written this eight-book series for 7 to 9 year-old boys and girls. Each one is a traditional story dealing with negative behaviours, but with positive outcomes.


Although the main characters, Billy and his friends, are made up, Billy's dog, Jacko, is based on our much-loved family pet, which, with our second dog Malibu, caused havoc and mayhem to the delight of my children and consternation of me.


Prior to writing, I was a college lecturer, and later worked in the computer industry, at a time before smartphones and tablets, when computers were powered by steam, and stood as high as a bus.

Billy and his friends are children entering young adulthood, trying to make sense of the world around them. Like all children, they are confronted by a complex, diverse, fast-changing, exciting world full of opportunities, contradictions, and dangers through which they must navigate on their way to becoming responsible adults.


What underlies their journey are the values they gain through their experiences. In early childhood, children acquire their values by watching the behaviour of their parents. From around eight years old onwards, children are driven by exploration, and seeking independence; they are more outward looking. It is at this age they begin to think for themselves, and are capable of putting their own meaning to feelings, and the events and experiences they live through.  They are developing their own identity.


Each Billy book uses the power of traditional storytelling to contrast negative behaviours with positive outcomes to illustrate, guide, and shape a child’s understanding of the importance of values.


This series of 8 books help parents, guardians and teachers to deal with the issues that challenge children who are preteens. Dealt with in a gentle way through storytelling, children begin to understand the challenges they face, and the importance of introducing positive values into their everyday lives. Setting the issues in a meaningful context helps a child to see things from a different perspective. These books act as icebreakers, allowing easier communication between parents, or other significant adults, and children when it comes to discussing difficult subjects. They are suitable for KS2, PSHE classes.


There are eight books are in the series. Suggestions for other topics to be dealt with in this way are always welcome. To this end, contact me by email:


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